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Affordable housing in Delhi to get simpler as DDA simplifies land pooling policy

Wanted to get a house in Delhi but didn’t know that your dream home was just around the corner? We all have been there. The flat that suits our budget is just around the corner but sadly we watch on as our friends and well-known lap up the opportunities that seem to always elude us. And if you live in Delhi, the situation is grimmer. But not anymore. The one stop solution for all your affordable housing needs has arrived.

Delhi is a city that holds a great promise. Almost always, it ends up rewarding those who dare to venture out and stand on their own feet. Many people from all across the country flock to the capital of India in search for a better future. With swarms of skilled professionals migrating to Delhi, there has been a surge in the demand for affordable housing. With the employment opportunities on offer none like any other city in India, there has been a great demand for homes that come sans breaching the budget limits. Sadly though, the resulting present has actually been the opposite.

With a boom in the Property sector of Delhi, it was expected that the development would eventually lead to the offering of more and more houses that would cater to the Low Income Groups (LIG) and would take the burden off the shoulders of the government to provide rooftops for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS). This hasn’t materialized. Mostly owing to the lack of awareness, the ones coming from the Lower middle class households or the ones belonging to the Poorer section of the society have yet to receive any benefit of the solutions that have been provided by the government. The ones that generate awareness are well out of reach for many of these households who eventually give up any hope of owning a place to call their home in Delhi.