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With foreign direct investment coming into the real estate sector, hundreds of projects are being launched all over the country every month. In Delhi-NCR alone, demand pull is so high that dozens of projects being announced in cash payment or subvention scheme are being lapped by quickly. But the downside is that the people making the first move are the elite who buy these properties from an investment or speculative objective. The idea is to multiply their returns.
The current affordable housing scheme that is put at this website is for limited LIG/MIG/HIG/SHIG apartments proposed under land pooling policy through cooperative group housing society format from Delhi Smart City Housing Scheme (Society Registration No. MSCS/CR/1082/2014), to be developed.
Delhi Land Pooling Policy is notified by Ministry of Urban Development, Approved & Notified by LG / Delhi Government: Vide Gazette No. F. 7/79/ADLB/2016/CD-000383132/3827-3841 & Gazette No. F.12 (152)/2014/L&B/MP/PLG/2572.

Their belief is that money is like manure, you put it in one place, it stinks; you spread it around it brings prosperity. But in this logjam, the middle-classes with limited disposable income for real estate spends get left out. The problem is not that government has not done anything for this segment but the information regarding these schemes is not in public domain and not aggregated in one place.To some extent has brought all information regarding housing schemes in one place and made it accessible to all. You will find information about:

  • Awas Vikas Yojna
  • Mahila Awas Yojna
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna
  • Adarsh Awas Yojna
  • Rajya sarkar Aawas Yojna
  • Officers Housing Scheme

Trust us to do a thorough job in providing you with clear cut, succinct, up-to-date information about the best investment options in Delhi-NCR. Visit this page daily or subscribe to our feeds and you will stay updated about these schemes. Applying to these schemes will become easy as you will get instant information about the latest schemes being announced and you can be the first one to beat the queue.
Delhi housing scheme is one of the most popular schemes, which offers flats to Delhi based individuals and families. This year scheme consists of 12,000 flats which shall be open for application from 1st week of October. The final selection of proud owners of the flat will be made using draw system. Hence, every applicant will get a random chance and the lucky ones might be eligible for getting flats across Delhi.

Subsidized costs

One of the biggest benefits of opting for the scheme is it is offered at low cost to the applicants. The scheme was initiated with an intention to provide home to Delhi based people at subsidized prices, such that they can have a home of their own and live a convenient and comfortable life. The properties are part of affordable projects, which have been specifically formulated for the betterment of individuals.

LDRA Policy part of MPD 21

LDRA Policy was framed in the year 2013, and this time it has been included in MPD 21. With this policy, farmhouses can be made on the low density residential areas. The policy have now been eased a lot allowing people to construct farmhouses in 1 acre instead of 2.5 acre. Along with this, land pooling policy is also going to be a part of it wherein home owners shall have the right to forego their scattered part of lands to the authority and in return get 40-60% of land. Following these policies, authority is undoubtedly going to create more houses and living space for people to breathe and have a good time.